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The guts & glory of my NutriBullet!

The guts & glory of my NutriBullet!

I performed surgery on my NutriBullet today.

We both survived to tell the tale.

In this year of introspection, seeking balance and direction, I’ve come to realize there are areas I’m fearless in – the kitchen is definitely one, and others the mere thought of, paralyzes me – read career planning. My thinking is to tease apart my approach in areas I don’t think twice about and try applying those strategies to areas that need work. So here goes the story of the NutriBullet operation…

The Nutribullet and I were in excellent standing, I put in all sorts of stuff that I or my kids find unpalatable, and it produced liquidy goodness. All was well with the world, until it started jamming. I had to convince, pry, and press to get it to start and then it didn’t always want to stop either. I knew the problem – spilled food had seeped inside and was making the “on” levers jam. After many trials involving knives, scissors, spoons and hammers, (yes, I’m persistent) I was certain at any moment I would finish the poor appliance for good.

First encounter upon unscrewing the base.

First encounter upon unscrewing the base.

Today for no apparent reason, other than not wanting to do the 100 far more important things I should’ve done – I decided to take that baby apart. I got a little inspiration from a quick Google search, pulled out my handy screw driver, unplugged the NutriBullet, and got to work.

Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’ve never taken apart an appliance. Putting together furniture with detailed instructions, 2 hour Lego projects – sure, but appliances I do not count in my skill set. Why this particular appliance seemed un-intimidating, I don’t know, perhaps I just didn’t give myself the time to think about it.

There were multiple layers, wires, screws, blades, etc, I won’t lie, there were moments when I thought – this won’t end well. But I pushed forward, I liked dismantling this thing – I felt I was side stepping conventional wisdom that only a specialized NutriBullet repair person could handle this task – a person that would certainly tell me I’d be better off buying a new one. But I’ll leave that thought for another day…

The cause of it all - the sticky lever!

The cause of it all – the sticky lever!

Anyhow, I kept unscrewing, taking pictures as I went so I’d know how to reassemble it. I found the sticky culprits, cleaned them, and set about doing it all again in reverse. If you’ve dug a hole in the ground and tried to refill it with the same dirt you removed, you know it never fits back exactly the same way. Well, those wires, are not unlike dirt. So, I reassembled it a couple times, we wrestled a little, but I made it work. When all was said and done, it took 1 hour to complete my project, and that time exactly to reignite the feeling that I could do anything I set my mind to.


When it comes to tackling something new or even a problem in the arena of my kitchen, fixing household items, or even internet stuff like this website, my approach is generally – I’m not sure how to do this, I’ll look it up and figure it out. I don’t usually have time to overthink it, which is good because otherwise I could research enough to write a book on any subject. In the end, I just do it, I assume the cost of failure is not so high and I get to it.

When it comes to work, a career, my thinking is the complete opposite, so it comes as no surprise that my actions are the opposite – paralysis, death by fear. The pressure is on to do it well, do it right, make money, be successful, change the world, and on and on. Yes, I know this is illogical, I know to think in terms of small projects, to explore, experiment, try different things, dance with the fear, and so on. I know many things, but the feelings are harder to sway, they don’t listen to reason.

I don’t have a happy message here, I’m still working through this one…

Bullet WorkingBut, if I left you wondering about the most important questions of all, did it work after all that? Of course, it worked like new. Here it is making my favorite blueberry, spinach, banana, peanut butter smoothie.

PS – After taking on my little project, I came across this article, on how tinkering with our own property is well on its way to being illegal. Food for thought or action…


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    You’re pretty much a mad scientist criminal.

    (Nice work.)

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