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The lie we must believe to start anything, and the challenge that follows…

At the start of any idea is a mix of inspiration, hope, excitement and a great deal of ignorance. Ignorance about how simple it will be, how exactly it will turn into reality and all it will take to get there. The whole jumble of feelings are necessary to take that leap of faith into doing and starting.

The lie is this, we tell ourselves at the start of any project, this is the hardest part, if I can get through the beginning, I’m golden. And then, somehow, we make it to the middle and we think, the beginning was cake, now I’m getting into it and it’s really hard. Then we make it to the finish and momentarily relish the achievement, the process, the thing we’ve made and all too soon, we wonder, how would this work if I did it better, tweaked this, or are faced with the start of phase 2 – more uncharted territory!

My point – all the parts are hard and challenging, that’s the nature of doing work worth doing.

That’s not to say it isn’t enjoyable or even fun, but it’s not easy. And yet, that’s not such a bad thing, we shy away from hard but that’s when we learn the most, stretch our limits, grow and get to know what we’re really made of. I’ve decided my goal is to stop running away from the discomfort and embrace it, desensitize myself to it. Hard never stops being hard, but I can learn to enjoy the ride.

In this vein, I’m choosing for myself a writing challenge. I’m sharing here because I’m much better at keeping promises I’ve announced to others than I am to myself (aren’t we all?). Here it is…


Write a post (short or long) once a week for 3-months, on this blog or the Fertile Earth Comm-Post Blog.


Making a habit out of creating…because I choose to create more than I consume (HT Ken, for the video that inspired this epiphany). The only way I know to do this is through practice. The most successful people tell us repeatedly, you can’t wait for motivation to come knocking. In the words of the great Greg Faxon: “If the car is stalled out, you gotta get out of the car and push baby!”

Sharing, not hoarding…yes, I’ll admit it, I’m an information hoarder in recovery, but my recovery does not mean learning less (blasphemy!) on the contrary it involves taking it a step further and sharing. I love to research and know more and more on all sorts of random things from theories on parenting styles, to what the millipedes in my compost eat to what the carbon to nitrogen ratio of coconut coir is (btw still looking for the answer to this one!). In any case, I love to know, but it’s selfish and wasteful not to share all the goodies I collect on my journey, so sharing it is.

That’s it, that’s my challenge, to get in the habit of starting and creating and get comfortable sitting in the hardest part – cause that’s where the good stuff happens!

What might you be avoiding because the start is the hardest part? What does leaning into that challenge look like?

With Love,


PS – And just like that I managed to get my first post out by writing about my first post! Kinda feels like cheating…

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  • Reply Jake Rothschild February 11, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    This was PERFECTLY timed for me and very well written. Thank you, Melissa.

    • Reply mselem February 20, 2016 at 8:18 pm

      Thanks so much Jake! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  • Reply Irena February 15, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Love the distinction you make between consuming and creating! Hat tip to you. I have to do this as well. 🙂

    • Reply mselem February 20, 2016 at 8:19 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, the awareness of consuming and creating has really stuck with me.

  • Reply Nick Snapp February 18, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    I dig this post Melissa! You’re a great writer, thanks for the challenge. I found out today that I was avoiding “starting” the process of letting go of what I thought was important, for what’s really important.

    Keep up the great work, you’re getting your inspiration from the right sources!

    • Reply mselem February 20, 2016 at 8:21 pm

      Thanks Nick! Good for you for catching yourself, and being able to refocus on what matters!

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